Smiley Vibez Shuttles provide a prompt and reliable taxi service in Knysna and the surrounding areas within the Eastern Cape e,g Tsitsikamma, Jeffreys Bay, St Frances Bay, Port Elizabeth, Port Alfred and Addo. Western Cape (GardenRoute) e.g Plettenberg Bay, The Crags, Natures Valley, Knysna, George, Mossel Bay, Oudtshoorn and Route 62.

We offer a mid to long distance service covering all Airports, Day Tours, Shuttle services, Dinner transfers to and from the various Restaurants, Guesthouses, Hotels and B&B’s.

In the growing world of travel and transportation needs, few companies truly stand out as specialists. SmileyvVibez Shuttles is different, as we have a team of experienced drivers and staff.

We bring together our passion for customer service and satisfaction, along with, many years of experience.

Our vision is that each journey with SmileyVibez should be of reliability, ease and comfort. To achieve this requires enthusiasm, dedication and knowledge of the travel industry.

You will find that SmileyVibez prices are competitive and our service is delivered to the highest possible standards.


Frequently Asked Questions

What areas and villages do you operate in?

We are primarily based in Knysna and shuttle to all the surrounding areas in the Garden Route. We would be happy to collect you from any place between the Eastern Cape (Tsitsikamma) and Western Cape (Garden Route).

Is your company licensed?

Yes, we are a fully licensed company and are required to abide by the regulations set by the South African National Road Act.

Do you operate a Fixed Price Policy?

Yes, we do offer a Fixed Price Policy on our frequent destinations. Other unusual or not common destinations could sometimes be priced differently. If you follow the instructions given you will not incur any additional charges. If for any reason your luggage is delayed, or there is a problem with immigration/security then please contact us. We will try our very best to keep any additional charges to a minimum.

Are your prices per car or per person?

Our prices are per person. The price you see is the price you pay. Cash therefore is the most cost effective method of payment.

How early do I need to book my car?

The earlier the better. However, 24 hours would be recommended. If you are making a last minute booking it is best to phone during our office hours (0:600 – 23:00). If outside office hours, then please leave a message and this will be picked up the following morning. If you make an online reservation there is no guarantee that you will get a vehicle unless you receive a confirmation.

How do I make a online booking?

Simply fill in the required fields in the Booking Form, especially the boxes marked with asterisks.

Can I make a booking on the phone?

Yes, you can make a booking on the phone our telephone number is Shaylen: 073 844 3637.This is often the best method if you are making a last minute booking. Office Hours; 06:00 – 23:00.

When I have completed a booking form online, will you confirm the booking?

Yes, we will endeavour to confirm your online bookings within 24 hours of receipt. If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact us as we may not have received your booking.

Can I make a booking if the party consists of more than 6 passengers?

Yes, we can provide you a service with a combination of vehicles or a minibus that can accommodate everyone, please use our enquiries email address and ensure that you include the number of passengers in your party and full details of your journey.

Will you meet us any time of the day?

Yes, we are able to provide a 24hour service. There will be an extra charge on Holidays and hours between 00:00 – 06:00

Where do I meet the driver?

Your driver will meet you in the area requested or stated. If you have arranged a ‘Meet & Greet’ service, your driver will be there holding a board with your name and destination on it.

What do we do if we cannot locate our driver?

If you are unable to locate our driver please ring Shaylen: 073 844 3637 The operator will advise you of the driver and give you any contact details, should you require them. If outside office hours, you will have received a text from the driver prior to booking time (if contact mobile number was given). However, we would advise, that you contact the office, prior to boarding if you think you will arrive outside office hours. We can then give you the relevant contact details for your driver

What if the flight is delayed or early?

We will check the flight status on the day and the driver will arrive at the airport 15 minutes after the flight lands. If you have made other arrangements the driver will arrive according to those arrangements.

Do I have to pay any additional cost for making the driver wait?

Yes, please refer to Terms & Conditions, 4.1 – 4.3

What happens if I’m unable to complete Airport formalities within the free waiting time?

The majority of customers clear formalities within the free waiting time. Our driver will leave the airport if you do not contact us, 90 minutes after landing. Unfortunately in such circumstances we have no option but to charge the full fare for the journey. In some circumstances we may charge a reduced amount based on costs incurred

Can you guarantee your driver to be at the pick up point on time?

Though our drivers will make every effort to arrive on time, at times it is difficult to predict traffic and other situations outside of our control. We will make every effort to contact you if we are delayed. These instances are very rare, 99% of the time we are able to meet you as you exit your designated pickup point.

How do I pay the driver?

Cash, therefore, is the most cost-effective method of payment.

Do I need to pay in advance?

No you do not need to pay in advance.

Can I smoke in the car?

Absolutely NOT. It is now illegal to smoke in any closed public place and fortunately that includes Taxis.

How do I book a short notice dinner transfer?

Most dinner transfers are booked by guesthouse owners or hotel receptionist,and waiting time is usually between 10-20 minutes.

Do I need to tip the driver?

Tipping is not essential, but a tip is offered as a sign of appreciation for good service.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you can cancel or postpone a booking. Please see Terms & Conditions.

How much luggage can I carry?

It is essential that you book a vehicle capable of carrying your luggage for an efficient transfer from the port. Please see the CARS Page, to determine the type of vehicle you require. Please note that if you do arrive with too much luggage for the vehicle you have booked, we will try our best to get you and your luggage to your destination, but this will often cost extra.

How do query and cancel a booking?

Please see Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all services provided by Smiley Vibez Shuttles.

  1.  Definitions
    1. The service provider is Smiley Vibez Shuttles.
    2. The customer is the person who accepts an offer of service.
    3. Passenger is the person travelling or in the case of a group the person named on the booking form.
    4. The service is the transportation service the service provider and the customer agrees.
    5. Booking confirmation is the email sent to confirm the service/ booking.
    6. Booking is the request for transportation from the customer.
  2. Terms of Service
    1. Prices for the service will be published on the website www..com or other prices agreed in writing or by telephone at the time of confirmation of booking.
    2. The prices are subject to change without notice. However, prices agreed and confirmed by the service provider and the customer will be held.
    3. Any changes to the service may result in an alteration to the prices, which will reflect any changes to the cost to the service provider.
    4. Any bookings made for Holidays will attract an additional charge on prices published and quoted by other communication methods.
    5. Bookings/request for service can be made by telephone, e-mail or through the online booking facility.
    6. The service provider can cancel any booking/request for service prior to confirmation.
    7. Where bookings are made by telephone or e-mail the customer will be required to accept terms and conditions.
    8. The customer must supply all information required by the service provider. This will include flight details, destination addresses, passenger details and baggage details and any other information required by the service provider.
    9. The service provider will not be responsible for errors in information provided by the customer. All information sent by the customer will be returned to the customer for verification in a booking form and needs to be confirmed.
    10. The customer will be responsible for checking the details provided in the booking form for accuracy.
    11. You may amend any details provided in the booking form 24 hours prior to your original booking time.
    12. The service provider may subcontract work to other agencies from time to time.
    13. Where there is a big variation to the flight’s scheduled arrival the service provider will make every effort meet the customer as agreed. However, the service provider will not be responsible for delays on account of such circumstances.
    14. Where the passenger is being met at the airport, our driver will arrive at the airport as arranged. They will wait for a maximum of 2 hours of the flight landing. If the passenger or customer does not either contact the driver or the service provider via the telephone, waiting for charges and full fare will be applied.
    15. The service provider will make every effort to provide a service with minimum inconvenience. However, circumstances beyond the control of the service provider may prevent the execution of the service. The following are some examples of such circumstances:
      1. Accidents causing traffic delays
      2. Restricted vehicular access
      3. Exceptional or severe weather conditions
      4. Complying with requests by the law
      5. Vandalism
      6. Industrial action
      7. Delays caused by other customers
      8. Extraordinary changes to flights status.
      9. Any other situation that will affect the provision of the service.
    16. If the passenger is unable to find the driver on exiting the secure area at an airport or in the case of other pick up points (the designated pickup point), the passenger must contact either the driver or the service provider via phone. Failure to contact the service provider or the driver will result in 100% of the fare and any other waiting time being charged to the customer.
    17. The service provider will use every reasonable means to ensure that the vehicle(s) arrive at the appointed time stated in the booking form. The service provider will not incur any liability whatsoever in the event of any delay or no show by the driver. All our vehicles are insured for passenger and third party claims as required by the licensing authority. However, whilst every care is taken, customers property is carried entirely at their own risk and no responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage. Customers are advised to check their own travel insurance.
    18. The service provider reserves the right to refuse to carry any person who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol drugs or and/or whose behaviour is considered to pose a threat to other passengers, the driver, or the vehicle.
    19. The service Provider requires a pre-booking two weeks prior to Day tours if possible to avoid disappointments.
    20. The service Provider requires a pre-booking two hours before any Dinner Transfers if possible to avoid disappointments.
    21. Any Point to Point shuttle service got a waiting time of 10-20 minutes.
  3. Cancellation and Booking Fees.
    1. Once a booking is confirmed the service provider reserves the right to charge the customer a fee of 10% in the event of any cancellations.
    2. OUTBOUND JOURNEYS: Any cancellation advised 1 hour prior to the agreed meeting or pick up time the customer will incur a charge of10%.
    3. INBOUND JOURNEYS: Any cancellation within 2 hours of the agreed meeting or pickup time the customer will incur a charge of 50% of the agreed fare.
    4. The service provider may agree to waive conditions in 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3, or reduce the charge, only in exceptional circumstance. In such circumstances, the service provider may require proof. In enforcing these conditions the service provider will be considerate and consider all representations made by the customer. However, in any event, the charge made will reflect the cost incurred by the service provider.
    5. Cash payments are the most cost-effective method of payment or EFT payments two working days before the scheduled booking.
    6. Cancellations can be advised by the customer either by email (Only 48 hours before booking) or via telephone.
    7. By email: the time and date of receipt when the email reaches the service provider will be deemed to be the time and date of cancellation.
    8. By telephone: If the customer speaks to a member of the service providers staff a time and date of cancellation will be agreed with the customer which will be deemed to be the time and date of cancellation.
  4. Waiting Charges / Additional Charges.
    1. Airport pickups are inclusive of 1 hour waiting time. Any waiting time above this grace period will incur a charge of R60 per hour,
    2. Pickups from other destinations will incur a waiting charge of the above amount, 15 minutes after the booking time.
    3. Additional charges will apply to the following:
      1. Bookings between Midnight – 0600 and Holidays
      2. Airport Pickups (Lost luggage, delay within and on aircraft, airport security etc)
      3. Airport Meet & Greet Service
        1. Waiting time
        2. Dinner Transfer
        3. Day Tours
        4. Shuttle Services
  5. Methods of payment.
    1. The following methods of payment are acceptable: Cash is the most cost-effective method of payment.
  6. Other conditions.
    1. The service provider reserves the right to change any condition without notice. Where a service or booking has been confirmed and the terms conditions have been accepted the conditions at the time of acceptance will prevail.

Desitinations, Pricing and Quote Request

SmileyVibez Shuttles offers a Fixed Fare Policy with its frequent destinations, ensuring that the customer is fully aware of the cost of travelling.

With regards to alternative destinations, please confirm the price prior to booking.

To avoid disappointment please ensure bookings are made, where possible, 24 hours in advance.

Please note: Prices stated in the table are starting prices and it might be different if the transfer request is out of the usual and will be discussed before it is confirmed.

POA for pickups from surrounding areas.

Please call or email for prices for other destinations e.g Day Tours and Airport transfers.

If you require further clarification of the above please read our FAQs and T&Cs.

Price list for Knysna

Knysna centralR60 for 1-3R20p.p 4 + pax
WelbedachtR80 for 1-3R20 p.p 4 + pax
ParadiseR60-80 for 1-3 ( depending on the location)R20 p.p 4 + pax
Upper Old PlaceR80 for 1-3R20 p.p 4 + pax
Lower Old PlaceR80 for 1-3R20 p.p 4 + pax
Simola Hotel And Private EstateR120-150 for 1-3 (depending on location)R30 p.p 4 + pax
Phantom Pass and BelvidereR180 for 1-3R30 p.p 4 + pax
Hunters HomeR120 for 1-3R30 p.p 4 + pax
Leisure IslandR120 for 1-3R30 p.p 4 + pax
The Heads150 for 1-3R40 p.p 4 + pax
Pezula Hotel And Private EstateR150 -180 for 1-3 (depending on location)R40 p.p 4 + pax
Brenton On SeaR250 for 1-3R 50 p.p 4 + pax
Buffalo Bay R300 for 1-3R70 p.p 4 + pax

Our Fleet

Smiley Vibez Shuttles offers a wide range of vehicles.In the comfort of our air-conditioned vehicles enjoy a stress-free scenic drive between the various airports from Knysna to George or Cape Town. Knysna to Plettenberg Bay or Port Elizabeth. Smiley Vibez Shuttles provides a door-to-door shuttle service between Guesthouses, Hotels, Restaurants and B&B’s in and around Knysna that is reliable, efficient, affordable and friendly.We are available 7 days a week.

SmileyVibez drivers are registered and licensed with the Knysna Tourism. Coming from various professional backgrounds, they offer a courteous approach to ensure customer satisfaction on each and every journey.

Our extensive fleet of vehicles has been selected to meet all our customer needs and requirements. In order to provide a discreet service, our vehicles are completely safe and well looked after.
Please be aware that it is important to order the right size vehicle for your journey. To ensure maximum comfort and safety, as well as compliance with local authority licensing requirements.


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